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Approved Projects:

Sr No Project Title Departments Principal Investigator
1 Analysis of Discard Blood & its Components in the Last Five Years in Tertiary Care Hospitals Pathology Dr. Faruq Mulla
2 Association of ABO and Rh blood group with Hepatitis and HIV infections in healthy donors- A five years study at the tertiary care centre Biochemistry Dr. Sonal Chitroda
3 Blood conservation techniques using pre-bypass filtration and the effect of the same on pulmonary function and length of ICU stay, a prospective observational study Cardiac Center Dr. Vishal V Bhende
4 A prospective randomized controlled trial using Integrated arterial filter vis-a-vis External arterial filter and comparison of the study outcomes with neurocognitive and ventilator indices in the immediate postoperative period involving pediatric congenital health disease population Cardiac Center Dr. Vishal V Bhende
5 To access the association between lipid profile and troponin I test results in patients with chest pain Biochemistry Dr. Amit Trivedi
6 A Study of Adverse Blood Transfusion Reaction at the Blood Bank of Tertiary Care Hospital Pathology Dr. Hetal J Joshi
7 Assessment of quality of sputum and its processing at a tertiary care teaching hospital in Gujarat Microbiology Dr. Chirag Modi
8 Susceptibility of Fosfomycin, Colistin, and Polymixin B in Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) isolates of Shree Krishna Hospital Microbiology Dr. Suman P Singh
9 A Study of thyroid function abnormalities in patients with chronic kidney disease Biochemistry Dr. Hitesh Shah
10 Establishment of Reference interval of blood glucose and hba1c in tertiary care hospital of Anand district Biochemistry Dr Mitul N Chhatriwala